Tobacco-Free @ Georgetown University

Georgetown campus

Over the last several years, Georgetown University has been on a journey to become a smoke-free/tobacco-free campus. We’ve engaged our community (students, staff, faculty, university leadership) to discuss and articulate a plan to get us there. 

We realize that this will be a very welcome transition for some and a very difficult one for others. Making this important change is about caring for our community – smokers, tobacco-users and non-users alike – and aligning ourselves with our Jesuit values of Care for the Whole Person and Men and Women for Others. We are following in the footsteps of MedStar (2009), the Medical Center (2011) and our Law Center (2016) – all of whom have had very successful transitions to a tobacco-free campus. 

When and How?
As we enter into this new academic year, our first phase of implementing a smoke-free and tobacco-free campus is to more closely conform with DC law as it relates to signage and designated smoking locations across the campus. This process is currently underway and we expect to have these things in place by the end of academic year. 

This year, we’ll also be highlighting resources to support people in quitting tobacco (new window). We’ll also be working on promoting educational and awareness campaigns around the current smoke-free policies. Finally, we’ll be working with many partners across campus throughout the year to support a full roll out in Academic year 20-21, including updating of University policies and practices.

We’ll be providing updates in this space on our Smoke-Free/Tobacco-Free Campus initiative. Bookmark this page and check back often!

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