One Medical

Sponsored Membership for Faculty, Staff and Students

Georgetown University provides benefit-eligible employees and students with membership to One Medical – a primary care practice that prioritizes your time, emotions, and individual requirements. From routine wellness check-ups to addressing everyday health concerns, and even managing chronic conditions such as diabetes and depression, One Medical is your go-to destination for both physical and mental well-being. With swift access to appointments across various locations nationwide and round-the-clock virtual care, rest assured they’ll always be available whenever you need their support. Please be aware certain services aren’t available to Kaiser members.

See the One Medical experience 

  • Access to offices nationwide
  • 24/7 virtual care, including Video Chats, via the One Medical app
  • Same/next-day appointments that start on time
  • Online appointment booking and prescription renewal requests via the app or web

What can I get care for at One Medical? 

One Medical isn’t just here for when you’re sick or injured. They can also help you meet physical and mental health goals, manage chronic illnesses, and live a happier, healthier life. Think of One Medical as your healthcare home base. Get help with:

  • Colds, flu, and COVID-19
  • Anxiety, depression, and stress
  • Women’s health
  • Annual physical / preventive care
  • Labs and prescriptions
  • Skin issues
  • Allergies
  • Travel health
  • Family health / pediatrics

One Medical has family practice offices in most markets (and growing) where everyone in the family can get care, from babies to teens to in-betweens. Learn more about One Medical Kids availability and pediatric services. 

What will I pay for care at One Medical?

The annual One Medical membership is normally $199/person per year for access to their services, but we are fully covering this cost for you, your spouse/partner, and your dependents. 

One Medical is in network with our medical plans – with the exception of Kaiser Permanente – and most major insurance plans. In person or remote visits scheduled in advance or with a specific provider are billed to your insurance like a standard doctor’s visit. And great news: on-demand 24/7 care through the One Medical app is cost and claim-free for all eligible faculty, staff and students, including members of Kaiser Permanente. I

How to get started

1. Sign up today

Join today — on us — using your Georgetown University email address and enjoy care that fits your life. And don’t forget to sign up your spouse/partner and dependents as well. 

Option 1 (Code):
1. Visit
2. Click “Activate now”
3. Enter dependents first and last name and date of birth
4. Enter employee or students  email and activation code: GUXONEM
5. Complete the process of creating a One Medical account

Option 2 (Employee’s Account):
1. Sign in to employees One Medical  account
2. At the bottom of the page under “Register your dependents” click “Start Registration”
3. Select “Spouse or adult dependent”
4. Complete the form and click “Register”
5. Dependents will receive an email notifying them of their new One Medical account. To claim their membership, they click on “Complete registration.”
5. Dependents then create a password, agree to the terms of service, and complete the process of creating a One Medical account

2. Download the One Medical App

You can use the free One Medical app for 24/7 Video Chat, prescription renewal requests, messaging providers, appointment booking, and more.
Watch this app demo. ——>

3. Book a Live Well Visit and make a plan to live a healthier, happier life

One Medical has redesigned the annual physical around you. However you currently feel, a Live Well Visit gives you the chance to build a relationship with a provider, discuss physical and mental health goals, and make a plan to meet them. Most insurance covers the full cost of one physical every 365 days (excluding some lab work and vaccines).

Already a One Medical member? Simply visit your membership settings, select “Update Sponsored Membership”, and enter the prompted information. 

Questions? You can reach the One Medical team at anytime. They’ll be happy to help.