GUWellness is a well-being initiative for faculty and staff. It offers programs, experiences, resources and opportunities to help build and sustain self-care practices. Explore the possibilities and allow yourself the time to be nourished.

Featured Program: Daring to Thrive
GUWellness has partnered with mindfulness expert, coach and licensed therapist, Lisa McCrohan, to offer a new learning opportunity for managers to help them lead a culture of wellness in their departments. Not a manager? If you are in a leadership role in any area of your life, you will benefit.

Mind Body Connections

MBC is specifically designed to nourish and replenish you during these times.

One Medical 4


A One Medical virtual therapy and coaching program.


Virtual Wellness

Explore numerous opportunities, virtual workshops, and events with GUWellness.


Retirement Planning and Financial Well-Being Resources

No matter where you are on your career journey, Georgetown University offers a resource to support your financial well-being.