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Health Advocate is available to all benefits-eligible employees at no cost. In addition to supporting you in navigating the ins and outs of healthcare, it can also support you in achieving your well-being goals and help save you money on large medical bills. Read on, or visit Health Advocate online to learn more.

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Core Health Advocacy

Health Advocate is designed to help you and your family navigate the often complex health care system. The core Health Advocacy program provides you, your dependents, parents and parents in-law with unlimited phone or email access to a Personal Health Advocate. Personal Health Advocates are typically registered nurses, supported by medical directors and benefits and claims specialists, who can get to the bottom of a wide variety of health care and insurance-related issues. The Core Advocacy program is available to all benefits-eligible employees and retirees, their dependents, parents and parents in-law.

How Does Health Advocate Work?

When you need assistance, simply call or email Health Advocate and you will be assigned a Personal Health Advocate. Your Personal Health Advocate will listen to your situation, obtain the necessary background information, and research and resolve your inquiry.

A Personal Health Advocate will help you with issues such as:

  • Finding the right doctors, hospitals and other providers
  • Scheduling tests and appointments
  • Securing second opinions
  • Providing cost estimates for treatments and procedures
  • Resolving billing and claims issues
  • Explaining benefits coverage, health conditions and researching the latest treatments
  • Locating eldercare services
  • Navigating Medicare and plan transitions when your retire

And more!

With a Personal Health Advocate, you and your family will have a special advantage by having someone “at your side” in order to enhance your health care experience.

Medical Bill Saver New!

The Medical Bill Saver feature takes the Core Advocacy benefit one step further. Benefits-eligible employees and retirees, their dependents, parents and parents-in-law have access to skilled negotiators who can help lower the cost of non-covered medical and dental procedures. 

Medical Bill Saver benefits you and your family with features like:

  • Experienced negotiation teams at your disposal
  • Negotiations of uncovered medical and dental bills of $400 and over
  • Use of critical pricing-trend data and benchmarking 
  • Easy-to-read Savings Results Statement showing your negotiated discount
  • Support for HSA and FSA

This feature is fully integrated with the Core Advocacy program, making it easier for you to get the help you need. Just pick up the phone and call 866-695-8622 to get started. 

Wellness Coaching New!

The Wellness Coaching program gives active, benefits eligible employees , along with their spouse and dependent children over age 18, unlimited access to a Personal Wellness Coach. Your coach can help you set specific goals to get fit, lose weight or better manage a chronic condition and help you stay motivated! 

Wellness Coaching has many features, designed to keep you engaged and on track including:

  • Unlimited Wellness Coaching via phone, email or instant message
  • Interactive team and individual competitions 
  • Self-guided online tutorials for step-by-step support
  • Personal Health Profile (PHP) to help asses your health risks
  • Online progress trackers for weight, BMI, target heart rate and more
  • Discounted gym and magazine memberships
  • MedChoice Support to help you gage the pros and cons of medical options
  • Full and seamless integration with other Health Advocate features

Ready to take charge of your health and wellness? Give Health Advocate a call at 866-695-8622 or go online today!

About Health Advocate

Health Advocate, Inc. is the nation’s leading independent health care advocacy and assistance company. They are not affiliated with any insurance or third party provider nor do they replace health insurance coverage, provide medical care or recommend treatment. All of your medical and personal information remains strictly confidential.

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