Benefits Advisory Committee


It is the policy of Georgetown University to seek broad input into the development and analysis of all benefit plans made available to University employees. To facilitate this policy, the Benefits Advisory Committee was established.


Benefit Advisory Committee Meetings currently take place quarterly with additional meetings scheduled as needed. If you would like to discuss concerns or potential topics to be considered for the meeting agenda, please contact one of the committee members (listed below).

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The BAC is designed to be proportionally representative of all employee constituencies. Below is a listing of all current BAC members, along with their telephone numbers, where appropriate. Elliott Crooke is currently the chair of the BAC.

Main Campus

Vacant (AAP) 687-4043
David Edelstein (Faculty) 
Lahra Smith (Faculty)
George Comer (Faculty) 687-0676
Allison Savoy-Logan (Staff)  687-9243

Medical Center

Elliott Crooke (Faculty) 687-1644
Mark Danielsen (Faculty) 687-4169
Andrew Henley (Staff) 687-2591
Karen Brotherton (AAP) 687-1070

Law Center

Vacant (Staff) 
Itai Grinberg (Faculty)
Ruby Sheikh (AAP) 662-9314

University Services 

Jonalyn Ware Green (Staff) 687-7553
Daniel O’Neil (Staff) 687-6708

Nominated by Faculty Senate 

Maggie Little (Faculty) 687-6189
Harvey Iglarsh (Faculty) 687-3790
Astrid Weigert (Faculty) 687-6051

Nominated by Staff/AAP Council

Jennifer Kluge (Staff, Medical Center) 687-2502
Maria Snyder (AAP) 687-5578 

Non-Voting Members

Richard Bates — retired faculty member
Charles DeSantis, AVP for Benefits 687-1787
Marshall Taylor, Interim VP & CHRO 687-2500
Eileen Fenrich, Director, FSAP 687-1758
Rosemary Kilkenny, VP, Institutional Diversity & Equity 687-4798
Rachel Bridges, Director, Benefits Services & Communications 687-1190

Any general questions relating to the committee can be directed to BAC staffer, Matthew Kelly-Montresor, at