Mind Body Connections 2021-22

We have a new program for you in 2021-2022!  MBC is specifically designed to nourish and replenish you during these times.

This year there will be new practices, poems, guided meditations, insights, reflections and…. movement!  Yes, we are bringing in mindful movement. Don’t freak out!  This will be fun and nourishing.  Here at GUWellness, we heard you tell us that you are sitting a lot, behind a computer for long stretches, and you are feeling new aches and pains in your body.  So, program facilitator, Lisa McCrohan (Integrative Psychotherapist, Poet, and Yoga Teacher) will be incorporating rejuvenating movement in addition to breath work, poetry, reflection, guided meditation, and soulful discussion.

Here’s what MBC will look like:

Weekly Inspiration: Sign up for weekly emails with a short practice, poem, or resource for the week that you can enjoy and practice on your own. Please note: throughout the fall semester, we’ll be suggesting meditations on the CALM APP a lot. It is FREE for Georgetown employees. Please DOWNLOAD it!

LIVE Monthly Community Practice on ZoomOn the second Wednesday of each month, we will meet virtually on Zoom for a mid-month Wellness Break where we will practice together. These sessions will be 40 minutes starting at 1 p.m.. They will include an opening grounding exercise, a body-centered mindful movement experience, calming reflection, and soulful inspiration.

If you want to invite a colleague – or your entire department – to join you and receive the weekly emails have them join here.

We look forward to connecting with you (mind, body and soul) this academic year.

Facilitator: Lisa McCrohan
Somatic Experiencing Psychotherapist
You can find out more about Lisa here.