Back to School

Earning a college degree is a transformative experience. The value of the books read and issues discussed, of the collaboration and mentorship, and of all the teaching that occurs outside of the classroom is incalculable. It also is an economic game changer.

Daviud Leonhardt wrote in the New York Times last month that “ … the pay gap between college graduates and everyone else reached a record high last year. People with four-year degrees made 98 percent more per hour than people without a degree.”  

But college is not free.

The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) helps make paying tuition costs much easier for eligible employees and their children. TAP is one of Georgetown’s best known and most valuable employee benefits. 

Once you meet the eligibility requirements, TAP benefits can be used to pay for studies at Georgetown or any other U.S. accredited institutions of higher learning.

Depending on your employment category, employees may use their TAP benefit for undergraduate or graduate studies. And dependent children – including adopted children and step children – may use these benefits for undergraduate studies only (Certain exceptions apply.) There are lifetime maximums for each person and your TAP benefit will pay for tuition; it does not cover deposit, fee, books or room and board.

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