Form 1095-C Available in GMS

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What is IRS Form 1095?

IRS Form 1095 provides information about the health care coverage that you had, or were offered, during the previous year. Much like Form W-2 and Form 1099, which include information about the income you received, these health care forms provide information that you may need when you file your individual income tax return. Like Forms W-2 and 1099, these forms will be provided to the IRS by the entity that provides the form to you.

You do not submit Form 1095 with your tax return; it is, however, recommended that you keep it for your records. Paper copies of IRS Form 1095-C have been mailed to the address on file for all those who were eligible for health insurance from Georgetown University in 2023. You can also find a digital copy of your 1095-C in GMS.

  • From your GMS homepage click on the Benefits and Pay application
  • Open the Benefits and Pay Hub menu on the left side of screen
  • Click on Benefits and select My ACA Forms
  • Select View/Print to view the form. To save the form to your computer or to print, select the Download PDF icon or the Print icon, both located in the upper right hand corner of the window.

Form 1095-C from Georgetown University

All full-time employees and covered dependents who were eligible for medical insurance through Georgetown University during 2023 will be receiving a Form 1095-C which contains information about the healthcare coverage offered by Georgetown University. The deadline by which Employers are required to provide employees with the 1095-C form by March 1, 2024. You need not wait to receive the 1095-C form in order to file your taxes. You simply must indicate on your 2023 tax return if you and/or your dependents were covered by employer-provided health insurance plan and for how many months.

More information about Form 1095 (A, B, C)

There are three versions of this form: 1095-A, 1095-B and 1095-C. Your healthcare coverage or offer of coverage in 2023 will determine what (if any) form(s) you receive.

  • 1095-A: You will receive a copy of Form 1095-A if a federal or state marketplace (also called an exchange) provided your healthcare insurance and not Georgetown University.
  • 1095-B: You will receive a copy of Form 1095-B from Kaiser if you were enrolled in Georgetown’s Kaiser healthcare plan.  
  • 1095-C: You will receive a copy of Form 1095-C from Georgetown University if:
    •  You were a full-time employee, even if you weren’t enrolled in any of Georgetown’s healthcare plans; OR
    •  You were enrolled in one of Georgetown’s United Healthcare OR CareFirst’s healthcare plans.