Retiree Tuition Assistance Benefits

The same rules and limits (including lifetime maximums) apply for retirees as for active employees, so you should review the Tuition Assistance Program rules  before applying for these benefits.

How to Apply

To apply for Retiree TAP benefits, please send an email to (new window) to request the link to the online application form. You must have been eligible for TAP benefits at the time of your retirement in order to qualify for benefits.

Retiree TAP Tax Liability

Retiree TAP benefits used to pay tuition for undergraduate or non-credit GU courses are tax exempt. Retiree TAP used to pay tuition for graduate-level courses at GU is fully taxable, per IRS regulations — there are no automatic tax exemptions on GU Retiree TAP benefits. Note, Retiree TAP benefits may not be used for non-credit courses at an outside school.

The Office of Faculty and Staff Benefits must report Retiree TAP disbursements to GU Payroll Services. At year-end, Payroll Services will send either a W-2 or a 1099 to the retiree. The retiree is responsible for paying any taxes due (federal, state, etc).