Medical Premiums

Band One

The following monthly and biweekly (semi-monthly) premiums are for those Georgetown University faculty, staff and AAPs who, as of 9/1/2021, had an annual salary of up to $74,999.

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Monthly CostBiweekly Cost$ change from 2021 (Monthly)
Kaiser HMO
Employee Only$110.86$55.43No change
Employee + Spouse/LDA$232.82$116.41No change
Employee + Child/ren$210.62$105.31No change
Family$332.58$166.29No change
Kaiser HDHP with HSA
Employee Only$26.66$13.33No change
Employee + Spouse/LDA$46.36$23.18No change
Employee + Child/ren$53.88$26.94No change
Family$88.20$44.10No change
CareFirst BlueChoice Advantage POS
Employee Only$174.90$87.45No change
Employee + Spouse/LDA$367.24$183.62No change
Employee + Child/ren$332.24$166.12No change
Family$524.58$262.29No change
CareFirst BlueChoice Advantage CDHP w/ HSA
Employee Only$43.70$21.85No change
Employee + Spouse/LDA$91.70$45.85No change
Employee + Child/ren$82.98$41.49No change
Family$131.00$65.50No change
UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus
Employee Only$353.32$176.66No change
Employee + Spouse/LDA$741.94$370.97No change
Employee + Child/ren$711.10$355.55No change
Family$1,028.48$514.24No change