May 2006 Agenda

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Philodemic Room

Attendees:  Richard Bates, Virginia Flavin, William Droms, Margaret Little, Jean Daly, Elliott Crooke, Karl Cerny, Mary Anne Mahin, Eileen Fenrich, Spiros Dimolitsas, Charles DeSantis, Susan Buckingham, Clint Brooks, Dana May, Rachel Bridges

The meeting was called to order at 3:12 p.m.

Approval of Minutes from April 26 Meeting

The minutes from the April meeting were unanimously approved.



Due to natural attrition the committee is seeing about a 1/3 turn over, which is the ideal percentage for replacement.  Over the course of the summer we will solicit appointments from the appropriate campus EVPs.  

A motion was made to extend Elliott Crooke’s chairmanship for another term, the motion was seconded and carried unanimously by the committee.

Introduction of Charles DeSantis

New AVP for Benefits, Charles DeSantis, introduced himself to the committee.  He joins Georgetown after serving as Director of HR Operations for PacAdvantage, and Associate Director of Benefits at Stanford University.

Update –         Health/Dental RFP Process

                        Next Steps

Clint Brooks, from Integrated Benefit Services, reported that the RFPs for medical, dental and vision have gone out to the marketplace.  The next step will be to profile the plans from the perspective of network, plan design and cost. 

The subcommittee on plan changes should review vendor proposals and make a recommendation to the BAC at the June 28 meeting.  The BAC should meet vendors in July and formulate a recommendation for plan changes by the July meeting (7/26). 

Update – STD/LTD Vendor Change

Some concerns were expressed regarding the implementation timeline for replacing UNUM with RSL; it may take longer than July 1 in order to set the necessary administrative systems in place. 

There was further discussion of third-party management of faculty’s STD claims.

RSL will be able to provide claims management services at whatever level GU requests (case by case, or overall).  There are a number of scenarios we could look at, including:  1) claims review by third-party as a default, with the possibility of appeal; or 2) claims review available as a resource to chairs.  It was stated that if the committee feels this has merit it should be further vetted through the Deans, EVPs, and Faculty Senate.

Health Care Underwriting Philosophy

Charles DeSantis informed the BAC that he will be coming back to the group in the coming months with some iterations of a philosophy that will consistently drive the University’s contribution to health care costs. 

The meeting was adjourned at 4:46 p.m.