August 2006

Monday, August 21, 2006

Philodemic Room

Attendees:  Robert Robinson, William McElroy, William  Droms, Mary Anne Mahin, Eileen Fenrich, Jo Ann Moran Cruz, Dick Bates, Susan Buckingham, Harvey Iglarsh, Dorothy Boothby, Gregg Bloche, Vivian Murphy, Spiros Dimolitsas, Charles DeSantis, Clint Brooks, Rachel Bridges

The meeting was called to order at 1:10 p.m.

William Droms served as acting chair.  Gregg Bloche was introduced and welcomed to the committee as the appointed faculty representative from the Law Center. 

Approval of Minutes from July 26 Meeting

After minor revisions were requested, the minutes from the July 26 meeting were unanimously approved.

Charles DeSantis thanked the BAC for their engagement, commitment and hard work in bringing the proposed benefits recommendations to this point.

Proposed Recommendations for Ratification by BAC


The following recommendations were put forward for ratification by the committee:

1)      Additional Medical Plan:  CareFirst Open Access POS

2)      Dental Plan Redesign:  CareFirst PPO (Standard and Enhanced)

3)      4-Tiered Enrollment Structure

4)      University Contribution Strategy (fixed percentage vs fixed dollar )


Item #1:  CareFirst Open Access POS

The recommendation passed with 6 voting yes, and 1 member abstaining.

Item #2: Dental Plan Redesign – CareFirst PPO (Standard and Enhanced)

The recommendation passed with 8 voting yes, and 1 abstaining.  All were in favor of the $2000 orthodontia lifetime benefit maximum.

Item #3:  4-Tiered Enrollment Structure

This recommendation was approved without further discussion – 8 yes, 1 abstaining.

Item #4:  University Contribution Strategy

There was general discussion surrounding the issue of equitability, particularly as it related to the base used to determine the university contribution, in this case Kaiser.  In response to the fixed dollar strategy (based on a percentage of the lowest cost plan) it was suggested that in subsequent years the university consider alternate models, such as the Kaiser Family Foundation index, as a means of determining that fixed dollar amount.

The committee was in general agreement that Option C (fixed dollar contribution (based on 80% of  lowest cost plan) with an initial subsidy for UHC participants) was the preferred strategy.  However, as that subsidy is phased out over the next two years, the amount of the fixed dollar contribution, % of lowest cost plan, should be revisited.

Each committee members were asked to vote for the strategy they preferred:

Option A (fixed percentage – 72% contribution for each plan):  1

Option B (fixed dollar amount – 85% of lowest cost plan with no subsidy):  0

Option C (fixed dollar amount w/ subsidy for UHC – 80% of lowest cost plan):  6

Option D (no change):  1

Abstain:  1


TIAA-CREF Migration


Vivian Murphy informed the committee that on September 9 TIAA-CREF would be migrating their recordkeeping to a new platform and be offering new plan options. The new system, Open Plan Solutions, will provide better reporting tools and access to mutual funds not currently available

Vision Plan

Charles DeSantis informed the BAC that EyeMed Vision Care will be offering a comprehensive, voluntary vision plan for faculty and staff during the 2007 open enrollment.

Other Business

Dorothy Boothby informed the committee that she will be leaving the committee this fall.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:22 p.m.