Annual Safe Harbor/Automatic Enrollment and Escalation/QDIA Notice for DCRP and VCRP Eligible Employees

Dear Colleagues,

You are receiving this message because you are eligible to participate in the Defined Contribution Retirement Plan (DCRP), or you are in Phase One of the waiting period, and/or you are eligible to participate in both the DCRP and the Voluntary Contribution Retirement Plan (VCRP). Your retirement savings are important, and we strive to ensure that you have access to the necessary information to make informed decisions about your investments. Linked below is the legally required, detailed Safe Harbor, Automatic Enrollment/Escalation, and Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) Notice (“Notice”) as well as the corresponding documents regarding the default investment funds from each of our investment vendors. Please take the time to review these documents in full at your convenience. A summary of the information contained within these documents is below.

The Notice outlines essential information regarding the features of Georgetown’s DCRP and VCRP. The Notice covers these points:

  • When the Plans’ automatic enrollment and increase features apply to you;
  • How you can change your employee contributions;
  • What amounts the University will contribute to your DCRP account;
  • When your Plan accounts are vested;
  • When you can take withdrawals or distributions of your vested Plan account balances; and,
  • How your Plan contributions and account balances may be invested and how you can change your investment elections.

Please find the QDIA Notice and corresponding documents below:

DCRP and VCRP Safe Harbor and QDIA Notice
Fidelity 2023 QDIA Annual Notice
Vanguard 2023 QDIA Annual Notice
TIAA DCRP 2023 QDIA Annual Notice
TIAA VCRP 2023 QDIA Annual Notice

If you would like a hard copy of the documents mailed to you free of charge, please contact Vivek Kumar at If you have further questions or need any assistance, please contact the Office of Faculty and Staff Benefits at

Be well,

Charles DeSantis
Associate Vice President & Chief Benefits Officer