12th Annual Financial Wellness Conference

March 6 - April 7, 2017

welcome to the lineup for our 12th annual Financial Wellness Conference.

Be sure to check this space often for updates and new workshops, lectures and other resources that will be added throughout the month!

GU’s Retirement Orientation - Register
Wednesday, April 12 - Register
9:30 – 11am
Main Campus, 2nd Floor, Darnall Hall, M-31
Do you find yourself worrying about the 'how to's' of retiring from Georgetown University? If so, we invite you to put your mind at ease by joining the Office of Faculty and Staff Benefits for an informative, practical and thoughtful orientation on how to navigate the retirement process at Georgetown.

Ask the Finance Professor: A special workshop with George Comer - Register
Wednesday, March 29, 12:30 - 1:30pm
McDonough School of Business, Hariri Room 360
Come join Georgetown University Associate Professor of Finance, George Comer, as he reveals tips and shares insights on achieving optimal financial health. Bring along all those questions you've always wanted - but were too afraid - to ask: "How should I select the funds for my 403(b) plan?" "How can I best save for my child's college education?" "How much money do I need to save before I retire?" "How do I come up with a monthly or annual budget?" "What are the best financial products for my goals?" Don't miss this special session!

Financial Freedom: Strategies for reducing debt and saving more - Register
March 30, 12 – 1pm
2115 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Suite 601
Looking for ways to bring your financial life under control? This on-campus workshop will teach you how to pay down credit card debt, set up an emergency fund, and save for a comfortable retirement. Presented by Vanguard.

Timeline to Retirement - Register
Thursday, March 30, 2- 3-pm
2115 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Suite 601
This workshop is for participants 3 to 10 years from retirement and will review the key benefits and decision points from ages 62 to 70. The webinar focuses on two federal entitlement programs, Social Security and Medicare, as well as major milestones associated with employer-sponsored retirement plans that can help participants avoid significant tax penalties on withdrawals. Presented by Vanguard.

Your Own Home -  Register
Friday, March 31, 12:30 – 1:30pm
​Main Campus, Darnall Hall, 2nd Floor, M-31
Lunch provided!
Learn the advantages and disadvantages of renting versus owning a home. Identify questions to ask to determine readiness to buy a home, identify basic terms and required disclosures used in mortgage transaction. Identify predatory lending practices and loan scams. Offered by PNC Bank.

Taking the Leap Forward: Imagining your life after retirement - Register
Program Sessions: Fridays, March 31 & April 7: 1:30 - 4:30pm
Check-in Sessions: April 21 & May 5: 1:30 - 4:30pm
2115 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, 6th Floor, Suite 601
Ready to retire but don't feel ready to retire? Join Jan Hice-Smith from Heart's Joy Consulting to explore and envision what life after Georgetown might look like. This workshop equips participants with the time and tools to consciously create their next chapter.  Participants focus on the non-financial aspects of planning for retirement, including the aspects of emotion and alignment which are often overlooked. Participants leave with increased awareness and clarity, tools, and a personalized action plan. Program includes Check-In Sessions to support Participants as they continue developing their personal action plans.

Click here to meet the Presenter, Jan Hice-Smith (B’92) and hear what your colleagues are saying about the Program. 

Smart Money Moves in your 20s & 30s - Register
Wednesday, April 5, 1 – 2pm 
Main Campus, Darnall Hall, 2nd Floor, M-31
Are you in your 20s and 30s and wondering if you are making the right money decisions? Do you question whether you even know what those “moves” need to be at this stage of life? Join us for this informative session provided by MetLife to learn ten relevant tips designed to help you enhance your financial well-being. We’ll explore everything from creating a budget to establishing an emergency fund to making the most of your retirement savings.

Fundamentals of Retirement Income Planning
Thursday, April 6
11:30 am - 12:30 pm, Main Campus, Darnall Hall, 2nd Floor, M-31 - Register
3 - 4pm, 2115 Wisconsin Ave, NW, Suite 601 - Register
The goal of this workshop will be to understand the financial and personal risks preretirees may face and how to put a plan in place to prepare for living in retirement.

Retirewise - Register
April 26, 10am – 2pm
Main Campus, Darnall Hall, 2nd Floor, M-31
How to plan and save to reach your financial goals shouldn't be a mystery – MetLife’s Retirewise workshops can help. During this one-day, four-part seminar, you'll cover all the bases and come away with a clearer path to retirement.

Understanding Tuition Assistance Program Benefits
Are you thinking of going back to school? Currently pursuing a bachelor's or master’s degree? Have kids heading off to college soon? Join Tuition Assistance Program Analyst, Mary Cooper, for the rundown on what benefits are available to you and your dependents through Georgetown, the TAP application process, tax implications and more.

Wednesday, March 29 - Register
Downtown Campus, School of Continuing Studies
Room: C204

Tuesday, April 4 - Register
2115 Wisconsin Ave, 6th Fl Conf Rm

Wednesday, April 5 - Register
Main Campus 
Darnall Hall-Benefits Conf Rm