Retiree Life Insurance Program

If you terminate employment with the University after completing at least 10 years of service and attaining age 55, you will be entitled to receive retiree life insurance. In order to be eligible for this life insurance benefit as a retiree, you must have been working at least 75% time or 30 hours per week at the time of your retirement.

MetLife is the life insurance carrier for Georgetown University.  The University will provide you with $5,000 in face value of life insurance, at no cost to you, as a retiree. It’s important that you review your beneficiary designation from time-to-time, since changes in your family situation do not automatically alter or revoke your beneficiary designation.

To download your beneficiary form, please click here. Once completed, please return this form to the Office of Faculty and Staff Benefits at 37th and O Streets, NW, Washington, DC 20057-1265.

If you had purchased supplemental insurance prior to your retirement, you will be able to convert that additional amount to an individual policy after your retirement. To convert a policy means that you can keep the policy in force by paying the premiums yourself. Shortly after your retirement date, you will receive a mailing from MetLife that will provide you with information outlining the procedures necessary to convert this policy from a group policy to an individual policy. Should you decide to convert your policy, you must complete the paperwork and send it directly to MetLife with the appropriate payment by the due date given in the letter. You are then responsible for making the payments yourself if you wish to keep the policy. Do not return the paperwork to the Office of Faculty and Staff Benefits.